Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Headache working with nutrients

This nutrient thing is a major pain in the butt. The chart itself is virtually impossible to work with, but the saving grace of reducing them all to the same measurement is that I can approximate how much of each they need in spoonfuls or whatever ratio I will use.

The animals in my care are healthier, though not fabulous, with my current ratio of
Magnesium: 10
Potassium Iodate:1

I've added cabbage (fermented),and greens (chopped) on and off for chlorophyll. And orange peel for 2 days for vitamin C. I added methylcobalamine once and all the animals looked better for it even though I added it as always before cooking. Don't want to overdo it though - their meat does develop a degree of bacterial activity in a few hours.

Today I added some yum elakki bananas with peel (smoothie) for the potassium and phosphorus. Though apparently they don't lack for either - meat supplies both. But only one way to find out if they're lacking is for me is to try it for a while. I hope these silly animals appreciate the effort.:)

I added a spoonful of peas for fiber. Apparently this could be added soaked rather than cooked, since it isn't meant to be digested anyway. But I think I'll continue to cook it. I want to get the chickpea, black-eye pea hulls and wheat bran from the cow food shop and give it a try! That way I can carry a bit of it and some oilseed cakes around for the donkeys I see on the street as well. Sugar beet pulp isn't available - if it was I'd surely use it from all the good I hear about it. But all kinds of beets are cheap veggies here, so that should be a good addition to the food for my use.

I've just read in the this site that Tomatoes are a good source of Vit C, and for cats too. I've dreaded using tomatoes for either dogs or cats, but I can probably relax now and try it.

I need to make a list of all the natural ways I can get these nutrients to my animals and then buy the rest in chemicals. That's a blog post coming soon.:)

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