Thursday, April 23, 2015


No wonder the dogs have been so sick - this is no ordinary weather. There was a swirl of cyclonic energy around the Mangalore coast the day before which disappeared yesterday, so I thought we were past the worst of the storm. But no. Just 10 mins ago it hailed with marble-sized stones. I just hope all my street dogs, cats and kites are in a safe place.:/

But despite my fears for the free animals, it's exciting - I love it when it hails. I remember my first experience with hail when I was around 3 - I was awestruck. To think of the power of nature, it's amazing. This is the kind of thing animals can't adapt to - if the weather changes rapidly to make it hail more often, cause cyclones more often, rain off-season, the most vulnerable will die.

But not just the animals. This year my mango tree hasn't been fruiting right, and the butterfruit trees are dropping their fruit half-sized. I think there's something terrible in the offing that's making nature's strongest, our trees, stutter in their normal routine.

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