Wednesday, April 15, 2015

An Analysis of my Nutritional Chart

I love and hate my chart.

I love it because it makes sense that I've been losing dogs to some preventable deficiencies. Ideally I would have figured this out 5 years ago and never had to write this blog; if 10 years ago I'd have saved all my loved ones; 15 yrs ago, I'd have kept my ngo going and changed the direction completely from ABC to nutrition; 20 yrs ago and I'd have never started my ngo at all; and 25 yrs ago and I'd have probably never gone to the US or taken the line of education that I did.:)

So, in a vaguely Zen way, the course of my life was decided by my ignorance of mitochondrial and dietary nutrition. Probably a result of my own magnesium deficiency. lol!:)

I really don't have an excuse except that my capacity to understand was limited by my youth. My mother was and is an excellent nutritional and dietary fanatic - all her life it has been a subject of great fascination for her. I just didn't understand her obsession with it. It was only reading about mitochondria and their role in disease that made me make a connection - a real aha moment.

Ok, now I hate this chart that I've posted because some of the numbers for the dogs look wrong. I've looked up several sources on the net, and they all come up with different figures. The human nutrient numbers are more exact across sources - not so the canine and feline.

The real difficulty I have is with
  1. Choline where the charts indicate that dogs need 250 times less than humans - which doesn't add up - dogs love the yellow of the egg and eat it madly. Maybe they do it for the cholesterol? (Anyway, part of my outrage is because I've just ordered Choline Chloride and I'm disappointed that I have to be so cautious with it. I'd convinced myself:)
  2. Zinc where the chart indicates that dogs need 27 times more than humans - I'm like ... really? I doubt it since they don't draw it much through Reiki, but I have seen them improve with a skin application of Zinc sulphate down the spine, so I don't know. This site recommends 21 mg/day and this site says 9th most common cause of dog poisonings in 2008 - so every animal lover seems confused. I'm going with the 21 mg though (21000 mcg) instead of the 75000 mcg I've had in the chart.
  3. I have never been a Vitamin oriented person - always thought of them as useless, so all the vitamin requirements look outlandish - but they do enjoy the B-complex I occasionally add to the cooking, and I think the B12 especially is spot-on. They loved both the cyano- and methyl-cobalamine versions! They chew up the Vitamin E tab with gusto too, so that seems to be ok as well. I've only started adding Vit C as citrus peels, so I need to try it a while to come up with an argument for or against.
  4. Copper requirements seem abnormally low in the chart. I know for a fact that dogs draw Copper and Silver more than anything else except Magnesium through Reiki. I would give them more of that, but I'm still not sure of my nutritional sense, so maybe one day I'll return to this and change things around.
  5. The amount of Iodine they require seems to be low too compared to reality - again, as above, I need to know more before I can act constructively. 
  6. They draw Fluoride, though it isn't represented at all in this chart. I've changed the 'Chlorine' to 'Chloride' because I think that's more correct. Anyway, our city chlorinates the water so they don't need more free chlorine.
  7. This food project site has a more complete list including Sulphur, Boron, Silicon and Fluoride, missing in my list, but no suggested quantities, so can't add them in except as a reminder.
 For now this chart will have to do, however unhappy it makes me! I'll be correcting it as I find more reasonable info, and as I find I need to change it around, so it's a work in progress.
I've put the ones I doubt in Red, and the ones I like in Green. They're in a common metric, so I should be able to put a set together soon and share it.

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