Thursday, April 2, 2015

A theory on removing toxins

 These are the toxins I'm reading about all over the net.
Common neurotoxins (in order of importance):
Heavy metals: mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum.
Biotoxins: tetanus, botox, lyme, staph, strep, chlamydia, tuberculosis, fungal and viral toxins.
Xenobiotics: (man-made toxins) dioxin, formaldehyde, insecticides, arsenic, PCB's, etc.
Food Preservatives, Excite-Toxins and Cosmetics: aspartame, food colorings, fluoride, methyl/propyl-paraben, and plasticizers in cosmetics, cling wrap, etc.
Vaccine: Ethyl mercury (thimerosal)

The ones I've highlighted are the ones we can deal with with Homeopathy - mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, botox, staph, strep, tuberculosis, fungal, formaldehyde, arsenic, floride. We have all of these in our remedies. The question is how to use them.

One thing I know for sure is that Merc isn't drawn in the low potencies at all. Cadmium and lead and aluminium are occasionally drawn low ... somewhat. But when, why and how to use them remains a mystery. I have a theory to solve that mystery.:)

1. These toxins should be worked on during the Last Qtr - First Qtr, the waning period which is a powerful time to throw out toxins.
2. The higher potencies make the detox on the cellular level, so if the elimination isn't very good, you're poisoned by the release (which is why I think the male CM dog died after Merc 10m - he probably had release that was lethal which his excretory organs couldn't throw out).
3. So elimination is crucial. Full Moon - Last Qtr I work only on their elimination organs - intestines mostly and kidneys. Maybe mesenteric glands, adrenals, bladder and rectum as well. And the root chakra, sacral chakras. This is their time for perking up.
4. First Qtr to Full Moon might be the time for electrolyte buffering - I'm not so sure that it should be stopped until all the elimination is done. It isn't that we're more alkaline then (as I used to think!) but that we need that buffering for what will follow.
5. Metal buffering too - but I should understand it better first.
6. The First Qtr - Full Moon should be fresh youthful metals? Not sure about this either.
More later.Got to feed the kites.

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