Friday, March 6, 2015

Zinc: This time my silence is good!

The last few days have been euphoric for me after Tollu recovered and has stayed well. The key has been using gross remedies - especially Zinc Sulphate.

The inflammation is down on the Fawnboy as well. He looks better, is sitting up, peeing, and the scab has fallen off his leg. He may be improving even though he can't use his legs yet. At first I was applying Mag chloride oil, but lately I put Prov Iodine or Lugol's for a little while and then Zinc Sulphate oil or SS (when I say 'oil' I just mean saturated.:). The edema seems to be receding.

I'd still like to see the warts and tumors disappear, but I'm willing to wait and understand how to use Zinc, Iodine, Mag chlor, Soda biCarb, etc first.

I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop - for them to suddenly exceed their requirements or have the adverse reactions that homeopathy always warns us comes with gross remedies and their poisoning effects! I'm beginning to think homeopaths are as capable of exaggeration as allopaths in the attempt to scare away experimentation, though to their credit, they err on the right side of well-meaning.:)

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