Monday, March 16, 2015

For sudden death after sepsis/gangrene: What Fawndog died of

Since Fawndog died so suddenly, I've been reading up about sepsis or "blood poisoning" - what precedes gangrene and accompanies it. I need to know if I have to save this RBIdog, Jimmy.

Modern medicine has a new definition for this very ancient way to die, but quite a useful handle to work with.

From here: Sepsis is a systemic inflammatory response to infection. Now defined b “severe sepsis” where it is complicated by acute organ dysfunction, and “septic shock” is sepsis complicated by either hypotension that is refractory to fluid resuscitation or by hyperlactatemia.

I was glad to see, for once, a sensible regard for parasites as coming after the fact! Germ theory did not fully explain the pathogenesis of sepsis: many patients with sepsis died despite successful erad- ication of the inciting pathogen.
Fawndog died just after Last Qtr of either hypotension (blood beat too slowly through the body creating the low oxygen screaming and his variable bark) or  hyperlactatemia (too much lactic acid in the blood). I'm assuming it wasn't organ failure but a 'septic shock'.
So for my purposes,
  • Full Moon brings up the uncontrollable systemic inflammation in already necrosing/necrosed animals (a lot of black in the skin would be the 'tell'); Candida probably played a huge role in this?
  • Upto Last Quarter, I need to try to bring the hyperlactatemia and hypotension under control. The hypotension I still don't know what to do, but hyperlactemia might be helped by B Vitamins [Thiamine hydrochloride, Riboflavin].
  • Hyperlactatemia need not become lactic acidiosis. If it does ... Lactic acidiosis needs the use of sodium bicarbonate solutions to improve the pH.
  • One study indicates that hyperglycemia is not related to mortality unless it is compounded by hyperlactatemia. So I don't need to worry about blood sugar (much), just lactic acid.
  • The screaming is the hyperventilation that actually prevents hyperlactemia, by oxygenating the blood, so it is a way the dog tries to save itself - I shouldn't treat it as an anxiety attack. Just leave it alone and treat with soda bi carb.
  •  Alkalis, Ketone diets (coconut oil, protein rich 4:1 low carb), soda bi carb and B vitamins during the period from Last Qtr to New Moon.

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