Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Feeding dilemma: Too much reading

I've gotten into a real mental bind with reading about Candida - there are so many food that help it grow.
  • How do I eliminate the rice I give the dogs without cutting down on the number of dogs I feed?
  • The thing is that it must be Candida or another yeast. My dogs don't have a staph or a stepto problem - they don't draw those remedies except in high potencies. They do draw tubercular remedies and sycotic ones, and they draw Ergot and most especially Secale (both of which I don't give because so many cats are constantly pregnant! It is supposed to eject anything in the uterus.). Secale and Ergot are both yeasts or molds and must be similar to Candida - more similar than Agaricus or the other fungi because they don't draw those either.

I didn't think of Candida, though I'd bought it very long ago for Sonu in 3x and 6x; and when it didn't work immediately, gave up on it. I've given the dogs Candida 3x yesterday, and they are all much quieter today. I hope it is the right remedy - I've bought it at 30 potency today, but I'll hold it for a while. These nosodes have some delayed aggravations.

  • In the meantime, I'm adding garlic to every meal - which the dogs hate - hoping it will keep the rice from feeding the candida and they get the nutrients. (They even hate coconut oil, which is strange because they love butter - the two have the 'good' fats, so it must be a matter of taste. No different from us, I guess.:) But I'm figuring that the garlic should offset the damage that the rice does by feeding Candida sugar. 
  • No other solution comes to mind because I can't give them all oats or other expensive foods, I can't feed less dogs - I'm already feeding only about 40-50 instead of the 100 of a year ago, and I can't get them more chicken waste - that's the optimal level at the shop I go to.
[ I would have preferred to stop the chicken and just feed the dogs rice since it breaks my heart to continue to use those poor birds, but I guess that's a pipe dream now. The meat is essential and killing the bird is not as bad as the mammal. Considering all life as unequal of course.:/]

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