Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tollu snaps out of dying!

Tollu's notes:

24th Feb - Tollu couldn't eat today.
25th Feb - Tollu paralysed down one side! Tongue paralysed and throat. Unable to eat or drink.
26 Feb - drew Nat phos 3, thought it might be iodism from that.
27 - drew Zn sulph 200, Cupr Sulph 200, Cadm Sulph 200. Cadm seems the best, but not drawing it more.
28 - Zn 3, Cupr Sulph 200
1 Mar - Zn 3, Cupr sulph 200
2 Mar - gave him Hyper 200 and Baryta 1m for bell's palsy.Looking worse than ever. Storm in the evening.
3 Mar - Came in drenched to the bone in the morning at 7:30 am. I sat him down and rubbed Zinc Sulphate crystals all down his spine.
          -At 9:30 am Caught him putting his tongue out an hour later to drink water, so rubbed Hypericum (which he was drawing in 200 potency since yesterday) around his neck and spine, and a little Mag Chlor Q poured around his very wet neck.
          -At 2:30 pm he caught the first rat in his life ever, almost half his size, and took it away (it was dead by the time I saw them, so I let it go). He probably ate a half piece of leg too which I missed except for leftovers.
          -At 7:30 pm he ate 5 chicken heads (after having been unable to eat or drink even water for nearly 8 days!)!!

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