Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gangrene: When the Moon theory limits

RIP, Jimmy.
The RBI dog, Jimmy, died yesterday 11 pm. I feel quite defeated by the enormity of the disease - this gangrene, necrosis, sepsis, mitochodrial death, whatever it is.

I went to see him at night and got bitten on my forearm when I was trying to turn him. That's when I knew he was going to die. (Most dogs bite just before they die - either from the pain or from losing their inhuman self-control throughout their lives. I've been bitten by nearly every second dog that's died in my arms.:)

He died without me, my arm was too damaged to ride or climb over the wall, and I was too overwhelmed by the knowledge that there was nothing I could do to save him. He had maggots in his armpit, around his navel - virtually everywhere he had a lympathic gland. How horrible is this?!

The main medicines that worked and helped him were Pulsatilla 200, Lachesis 200, Crotalus 200, Nat mur 30 and Echinacea Q. They allowed him to sleep a little peacefully, but the effects wore off rapidly, as the days went by. On the last night I tried Vitamin C and E in butter after reading that it was a gangrene remedy, but it was probably too little too late.

My moon theory really did handicap me in Jimmy's case because I didn't really try the Magesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulpfate or the Zinc Sulfate knowing we were in the last part of the Last Qtr - New Moon cycle. I was also still in shock at losing Fawndog to low blood pressure or 'septic shock' that I was very uncertain about what was the right thing to do. In his case the gangrene had left his legs but internally his body didn't recover from the sepsis but moved onto the next stage of it, the 'septic shock' which I subsequently read about in this article about 'Severe sepsis and septic shock'. His problem was an underlying cancer - it was the tumors and the glands that necrosed.

This is something we need to be prepared for if we do heal all the superficial gangrene and look like we have a healing crisis - it could be organ failure or more likely hypotension (low blood pressure) and/or hypoglycemia. I'll put together a way to deal with these when I'm less defeated. Soon.

Changing to Phytochemicals for detoxing towards New Moon
I thought of Phytolacca on the day of his death, but it was too late again. I should have started that as soon as I realised it was cancer to help clear out his system. Still the homeopathic effects were wearing out so quickly as the disease grew stronger that I was losing hope all the time. When the dog's primary care-giver told me he had died at around 11 am, I was relieved because I wasn't sure of what I could do to save him anymore. I'm that confused and upset after losing Fawndog.

Today my arm is better, I was able to ride out to get the food for the animals, and to type. But mentally I'm so awash in doubt that I could well be back to square one.

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