Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cyclone in the Indian Ocean ... dogs, cats, rats sick again!

The last week has been hectic for me, and difficult. Today the storm broke and it's pouring outside.

I found that Fawnboy and my little Red Lady had been picked up by CUPA, but I got them back (Anushree and Dr. Gowri there were really helpful! There's a first time for everything. Even impenetrable, self-willed organisations do eventually hire nice people.:)

Red lady went back to her usual bakery, but Fawnboy is unable to move, dropsical and has a gangrenous leg. I brought him home. His tissues are heavy with fluid retention and he's only mildly responsive. He's got tremors and has trouble even sitting up. But even if he doesn't survive, I think I can deal with him dying if he dies naturally, warm and safe.

I slathered him with Mag mur, but he seems to prefer Mag sulph (epsom salt). But more interesting, he's drawing Mag phos too, and Zinc, Copper and Cadmium Sulph. I'd never accumulated Zn in any form before I began to work with nutrition for mito. I hope it saves him.

On a sadder note, Tollu, the cat (the brother of Dollu), has suddenly developed a facial and throat paralysis. I assume it is Iodism because the first remedy he drew as Nat Phos 3, which is for that. I used iodine (lugol's and the tincture) a few days ago. I later read that cats are hypersensitive to Iodine, specifically Kali Iod which Lugol's contains. He later started drawing Zn, Cu and Cadm, so now I think it might just be a facial paralysis from an ear infection that has spread to his facial and throat nerves paralysing them. I'm waiting to see if there will be change naturally, but he's highly dehydrated.

I could take him to a vet and give him a drip to rehydrate him, but I'm not sure the shock is worth it. Can't make up my mind at all - to intervene and save him through vets or not to put him through the stress and let him die like this.:/ I gave him Hypericum 200 and Baryta 1m yesterday which are for Bell's Palsy. He hasn't come back since, so I don't think it suited him, poor guy.

Some of the rats have died leading up to this storm. I can smell them under the concrete. Poor things.

I wish I knew how to counter the effect of storms - I'm guessing it lies in the elements Cu, Ag, Zn and Cadm, Mg of which I've just used Cu, Ag, Mg until now. One thing I understood from The Magnesium Miracle is that you need the elements for mitochondrial health and you need the phytochemicals or plant remedies for different areas of the body to revive. I just haven't got it all together in a way that can help these animals fully yet.

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