Thursday, March 26, 2015

Candida, neurotoxins and detox

This healing thing is turning out to be as convoluted a process as trading - nutrition is as bad. I'm never sure if I've 'got it' or if I'm just a blind person mistaking an elephant for many different things.

But now that I'm trying Candida, 3x twice till now, I'll proceed with the theory assuming that I'm right (exactly the way I lose money trading, btw!:). They all had a reaction just now at low tide, so it does seem that the yeast is strong at new moon and low tide. And that 3x isn't enough.
  1. The first thing to know is that Candida affects every animal with low immunity - extreme stress, after accidents, illness, ear infections, etc.
  2. Candida overload seems to be the most common way that dogs die on the street. That gangrene, blackened skin disease with the bloated abdomen and the paralysis of limbs could all be Candida's work following lowered immunity (not the primary cause).
  3. From Icy drawing Phytolacca, Nux and Oxytropis recently and getting better, I'm assuming that Candida grows in the gut (Phytolacca cleans the gut of cancerous substances) and the Oxytropis (locoweed - neurotoxin) especially made me think perhaps Candida uses neurotoxins to spread. They draw Opium (again a gut remedy), Terebinth (kidney cleanse, deworm) and Kalmia (heart protector) after accidents and partial or total paralysis, so I'm thinking neurotoxins are the cause.
  4. The dogs that willingly eat the most rice and glucose biscuits are probably the most affected, ironically. Rice probably is a craving because of candidiasis. (How much I used to appreciate these dogs for obliging my cooking for a balanced diet! All wrong.:)
  5. Damp and humid weather worsens the problem - mold thrives in it, so this might be the weather change and monsoon link, and well as the new moon, low tide connection to the suffering of the dogs.
  6. 'Itchy bum', thyroid problems, skin problems, jumpy legs, memory loss (according to this) are all symptoms I notice in the dogs especially during the changes and moon cycle lows.
  7. Slowed reflexes, increased irritability, increased panic attacks - all of these I've noticed too, so I hope I'm on the right track! This site suggests detoxing with Vit B, C and lipolic acids for the major acetaldehyde neurotoxins produced by Candida.
  8. The other neurotoxins released are opiates,tartaric acid, ethanols, etc from here. Candida's neurotoxins might explain Ancient's seizure.
  9. One site says most toxins are Cations (+vely charged). 
  10. Heavy metal toxins and many environmental toxins are neurotoxic (affinity to nerve tissue) and lipophillic (love of fatty tissue like endocrine glands, brain tissue and adipose).
  11. I liked the site that suggested using cilantro (coriander) and garlic for detoxing but didn't save it. Maybe I'll look for it another time.
 Now my major problem is how to use Soda bicarb for detoxing and electrolyte balancing without cooking with it.:) One can go crazy trying to keep up nutritionally. Currently I'm adding it to the cooking like I do with every other nutrient and homeopathic remedy.

BTW, today all the dogs drew Lach 200 even though it is almost 1st Qtr. So they're probably detoxing still.

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