Saturday, March 28, 2015

Candida are the GOOD guys!

I've found a wonderful write-up here that explains why Candida are really the good guys. This really blends in with my belief that parasites are essentially good and killing them is just needless, heedless violence and Himsa.

This theory explains that "New evidence shows that Candida and other chronic fungal infections can be attributed to their protective role and adaptation of the immune system to an otherwise lethal heavy metal environment, especially mercury. 
Mercury suffocates the respiratory mechanism of the cell and creates severe cellular malnutrition and even cell death. So we make a deal with microorganisms, like Candida, to bind large amounts of heavy metals in their own cell walls. 
The gain is that our cells can breathe but it comes at a price because we now have to feed the fungus and bacteria as well as our own cells. This deprives our cells of needed nutrients and we also have to deal with the micro-organism’s toxic metabolic waste because what goes in must come out!
Depending on the internal environment and the amount of heavy metals we are exposed to, these tolerated guests can certainly grow out of control and create their own set of problems."

So true from my experiences:
  •  When I used homeopathic Candida 3x a couple of days ago, I fell asleep for almost 4 extra hours later that day. The next day I took and gave Candida 30 to my dogs and I slept almost 16 hours. Then when I woke I felt needle-like prickles in my liver that lasted about 5 minutes but has led to two days of diarrhea. (I believe that the 'sleepiness' is from toxins being released in the brain when the candida were affected, and the liver prickles are from the processing of toxic waste to eliminate, which came out as a yellow bilious diarrhea.) It must be what they call 'die-off'.
  • Laxmi had a similar but fatal 'die-off' effect from my giving her Zinc Sulphate 10m. Zinc sulphate must have replaced Cadmium and Mercury in her body similar to a 'halogen displacement' where a lighter element in the same line replaces the heavier in it's periodic group. Poor darling, she slept her way through life and then I had to fuck up so badly trying to help her.:/
  • Ancient and later Fawndog drew unbelievable amounts of Merc and Cadmium in potency which I simply couldn't understand. Now I think that the body was trying to throw away the neurotoxins with the homeopathy, but I hadn't prepared the waste disposal system enough to deal with it. They were constipated when they should have been having diarrhea.:/
I'm not really sure how not to make the same mistakes again. Whether to start with Merc or end with it. Whether to work on the intestines first or simultaneously. Kidneys too. How can we get it all right?

 But do read the article - it has a lot of detoxing solutions that I think would be valuable to animals! More soon.

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