Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mouth doses: A New OLD Approach to my Healing

I was hoping to write this before I felt defeated, after a triumph of surviving the winter and the season change in Feb and before the monsoon again began to decimate my animals. It is something worth writing, but maybe today is the wrong day.

I've read about the BCEC, the biologically closed electrical circuit, that exists between the nose and mouth while I was reading for Zinc Sulfate. I suddenly realised that this was probably the reason old homeopaths had so many successes while I'm not having the same - they used that circuit with the tiny sugar pills and placing them on the tongue of the patient.

Perhaps olfactory and adding homeopathy to food isn't the best approach to healing. I'm going to attempt to go  back to those pills in as many cases as I can and look for success. More later when I'm feeling in a better mood.

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