Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Update Day 25: Magnesium Chloride and other nutrients

The wow surprises of first using Mag mur has gone down with regular use in the last 25 days.

One thing that's been surprising is how it has altered the personality of my more nervous cats and dogs. They're all more relaxed and playful, adventurous and less evil to each other.

Stripes, who had 3 kittens almost 2 months ago, has been a less agitated and attacking mother, and her kittens have been born healthier than any set so far. This is the wonder of Mag mur Q, I think. They're all equally sized, equally healthy with no runt in the litter or sickness so far.

The two Devdas petrol bunk dogs are better too - there appears to be no more giddiness in the black one, and the grey and white his twisted lower back looks better.

Icy and Kenchu are better, but I've been adding a little transdermal Iodine tincture and Copper sulphate for them. Both seem to be helping. I've even put iodine tincture in their ears and mine (it was so bloody painful at 10% of the tincture dilution! Never again without deep dilution maybe down to 1%.:)

Amazing! The combination of homeopathic phytochemicals and Magnesium Oil has been great for them all towards the New Moon. More improvement in those that I've been applying it on, less on those who are just getting it in food.
And I've added Magnesum Sulphate in the last 3 days (since LQ) to help 'detox' or move the intestines - elimination being the key to reducing toxins in the body. Phytolacca 10m, Sepia 6, Merc i r and cor 3, Petroselinum 3, etc. all with the aim of detoxification.
I've begun to add  Sodium Bicarbonate (cooking soda) as well since I read that it helps in the absorption of Magnesium Chloride in one website. I've seen a definite improvement in the dogs since I started that 6 days ago.

The success of Mag chlor has had one effect - I've lost my fear of the elements, for better or for worse, at least, in material doses. I've been looking into other basic nutrients that might make a difference in material doses:

I'm now going to purchase some form of copper (Copper sulphate seems quite strong, but maybe the New Moon is just the worst time to try it!). Maybe Cuprum acetate since they draw it so much?

Definitely a safer Iodine suppliment. I've probably been risking them all by adding Iodine tincture in their food so I'll stop doing that for sure. I want the Potassium iodide iodate solution that Karnataka Fine Chem has and the Lugol's solution that one reads so much about on the internet. Both aren't too expensive and are not available in medical stores.

Zinc sulphate and Manganese dioxide too - though I'm not too sure about the manganum dioxide. I've bought a potassium permanganate today at a medical store and sometimes I think it should be enough if I just add it to the stored water for manganese requirements. They do draw Mang in homeopathy, so it is neeeded, but traces. Lets see.

I'd like to get Argent Nitricum too since they draw it so much. But just reading this makes me too terrified to try! I'll stick to homeopathy for this probably. I'd really rather not have blue dogs and explosive effects when it hits the stomach (I don't know how many dogs I can give it in distilled water, as they propose.

Don't know how far to go with this, if I'm going too far already. I'll cover these in more detail so I can explain why I pick these and not others next.

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