Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Trying to support magnesium chloride

I'm going slow trying to find out what the dogs need to help them absorb the mag mur (magnesium chloide, but I'll use the term mag mur from it's homeopathic roots).

I've been throwing in a Vit B complex into the cooking food (who knows if the heating kills off a lot of its effect) since I heard that it aids magnesium uptake. At any other stage of preparation, the cats won't get the benefit, so cooking time is it.

They're drawing Cuprums, Argents and Cobalt 6, but not Ferrums, Zinc or Chromium. They're drawing Mang a bit, but the shop has mislabeled it, so I'm hesitant to use ('Mag ace', 'Mag met', etc. darn those kids!:). They're drawing Merc corr 30, but it's irritating my cracked skin and drying it out, so I wonder if it is necessary for the Magnesium to work.

Surprisingly, the remedies are almost drawn evenly so I can't tell what they need more of except the first 3. I'm stumped because I have no clue what else to give - is this the worst time to give such alkaline remedies? I've gone the whole distance from New Moon to Full Moon, maybe the FM to NM time is more correct for this alkalinity. Or they need it balanced with some acidic stuff. Only one way to find out is to keep going on.

I've started adding mustard oil to their food (which they don't like too much) along with flax seed powder, coconut oil (blech to them!) and rice bran oil. The dogs don't like the coconut or the mustard, but love the flaxseed and the rice bran. I want to give them a couple of days to develop a taste because they do draw Thiosinimum 6 (sinapsis nigra), and I want their internal scar tissue to heal.

Whatever the mag mur Q is doing, it's driving up the metabolism of a lot of elements. They're drawing all the plant remedies almost without discrimination too - weird, it's like their need for phytochemicals is so extreme they can't make up their minds.

I'm trying to take this slow because I want to get things right, but their bodies are in a real hurry to heal.

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