Thursday, February 12, 2015

Preparing for New moon and worms

Today is Last Quarter. Our bodies stop absorbing after the Last Quarter and begin to clean up until the New Moon. That's the theory anyway. So I've been trying to figure out how to get them to expel best.

One of the main detoxifiers I plan to use is Mag Chloride of course. I intend to use it until I see some really radical changes (which ought to occur in 6 weeks after their deficiencies are met).
I've been putting minute doses of Copper Sulphate in the water drum (we don't have running water, the dogs and I) but I just read in a book about worms and jaundice, that they expel tapeworms (taenia)! What a blessing that would be. So cheap and so safe since all dogs draw Cuprum!
He also mentions Castor oil in small quantities and common salt for the expulsion of roundworms (ascarides) which I can definitely try - both again cheap and easy to add to the food. (I'm wondering though if Copper Sulphate and salt wouldn't be better used around Full Moon time since they both are drawn during that time, but I'm not going to break my head over it ... worms need to be expelled around New Moon, so that's that.)

He suggests Epsom Salt (Mag sulph) and sulphurous waters (Sanicula?) to improve digestion while cleansing the bowels as well. I could do that too. The rest, Spigelia, Chenopodium, Pomogranate root bark, Ferr mur (esp.), bitter salines, aloes, etc., will have to wait until  I know if these work or don't.

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