Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Post-Cyclone and 12 days of Magnesium

I haven't abandoned blogging, so bear with me.:)

It's been 12 days since we all started using Mag mur Q (Magnesium Chloride or oil). Initally I did have a burning sensation when I applied it and a bit of pain in the nearest problematic muscle (my jaw, my shin-bones, mostly).

I've read up a great deal on it and realised that my pains were in the skeletal muscles, the deep muscles that are connected to the periosteum. This is because Mag mur is a periosteal food and begins its healing from there.

My friend has had her toothache return, but the dogs and cats all appear to be much improved for the chemical added into the food. In fact, the cats were the worst, until the end of the cyclone two days ago, they'd be begging for the magnesium enriched food almost 24 hours hanging around all hours of the day and night. The dogs were as bad, but better behaved and had less choice about how much I give them. Still, it appeared to protect them through the effects of the distant ocean storm.

There were 4 runner-dogs I ran across post-cyclone. Two had the food with the magnesium in it, and settled down to where they were (where I continue to feed them); the two older white ones unfortunately didn't eat any of the food so I give them Reiki when I can, am hoping to reach them that way. One was almost completely blind with cataract and terrified, poor darling - I've lost track of him completley. One I saw sleeping among the piles of leaves last night at 2:30 am, but by the time I came back with food he was gone - I doubt if he'd have eaten it, he's so exhausted and depleted.

The best effects were on
- the Devdas petrol bunk black dog who couldn't walk or eat from her dizziness - I applied it twice down her spine and gave it to the manager to put in milk for her. She's virtually completely healed which even surprised me.
- the Indian Express bus-stand dog who could barely stand for the knots in her muscles and giddiness - she's much better and more balanced though not completely healed.
- my calves have some severe scarring from periosteal ulcers, those are much better after 2 applications a week apart of the mag oil. I've only been lazy or I'd have done it more often, so surprising was this healing. II've had that crocodile skin since I was 6.:)

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