Thursday, February 19, 2015

Now I've found DMSO.:)

The thing is, I've been terrified for so long of all these raw chemicals that I'm feeling liberated by using Mag Chloride! The mitochondrial theory has really changed my approach to healing - I'm not so scared of gross medicine now.

I remember this same feeling when I first tried a cigarette at 18 after years of expecting my smoker dad to drop dead at any moment from all the dire warnings of the govt and my mom! I was so underwhelmed by the actual experience that I haven't stopped smoking in the 3 decades since!:)

I've ordered Copper sulphate (hoping to get a better purity from an ISO-certified lab like this one), Zinc Sulphate, Lugol's sol, Kali iodate and Manganese Dioxide. I expect to use only the Cu regularly - that's what they draw mostly. And the iodate since I'd like to be sure they don't have an iodine deficiency (and I refuse to use the raw tincture again after my ear experience!)

I've just found DMSO in the price list and this glowing tribute of it as a cure for cancer. And Selenite powder with Ferrous sulphate should round off my nutrient mix for the animals. That's got to be my next order of business.

The inspiration for these quite expensive purchases are somewhat vague but very exciting:
  •  The combination of Fe:Mn:Cu has been proposed for a patent to "replace heart surgery by micronutrient" Copper sulphate activates ceruloplasmin of the immune system which repairs cells, prevents cancer and heart disease.
  • DMSO for bladder inflammation, spinal injuries, joints, muscle pain and brain injury and edema. 3 days to 2 months in the Stanley Jacobs vids. I need to keep this for emergencies. MSM which would be better for me to add to food is not available at this factory, unfortunately. It could also be a vehicle for transporting B12 like here.

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