Monday, February 23, 2015

MSM and DMSO prevent metastasis?

Check out this paper on cancer metastasis and DMSO's ability to stop it.

I know I can get DMSO really cheap but I'd be more interested in something like Garlic as an MSM source. (To explain why see below) The thing is that I'd have to use it uncooked to get the MSM/DMSO part of it's value. Or put it in oil. I can't imagine how horrible my room will smell with garliced dogs!:)
Studying nutrition has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for me.

On the one hand I've finally found the motivation to use the elements because of mitochondria and their needs. Knowledge of mitochondria has been around since 1960, but the body of information is just minute.

On the other hand, my previous nightmare of using inorganic periodic elements revived since I've seen another nettie scathingly deride the acid-dissolved elements of rock being used for human nutrition instead of plants. I wholely agree with him in that... except that the mitochondria do draw a few elements desperately - mostly sea elements like Mag mur, Arg nit, Cup ace, occasionally Iodine; and hard to find land elements like Sulphur, Tellurium.

Rule: I'm going to make a rule of thumb that if they're drawing it in 3, 6 potencies, they probably need the material dose as well.
I have to find a good balance and isolate what they need for which part of the moon cycle.

On top of this, I need to find my feet again with the phytochemicals and plant remedies - my reiki is flowing differently and I can't really distinguish between potentized plant remedies! Much reorganizing to do as well, since Ancient I haven't cleaned up my boxes or replaced the remedies with their plant analogues and families. I need to fix these new chemicals into a system to use until the Full Moon and beyond.

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