Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Many theories, many inferences

The current trend is the apparent expansion of my fields of study into many theories and many conclusions. (I've had this happen before when I was doing my masters degree, so I'm not worried - it seems to be normal to all learning.:) The theories will eventually dovetail as will the conclusions and inferences. I haven't updated any of my pages or put together common theories in a semblance of order this year, and I will. Then they will coincide even more for the reader.

The power of blogging lies in this vague meandering through ideas and thinking 'aloud'. I'm not afraid of putting myself out there and falling on my face. So much of learning is failing and being wrong.  But the underlying logic or method in the madness is all from one mind and must perforce reconcile eventually.

I'll just list the theories I've got going:
  1. Mitochondria
  2. Magnesium chloride
  3. Diamagnetic
  4. Electrohomeopathy
  5. Bach flower remedies
  6. Plant hierarchy by family
  7. Moon theory
  8. Tidal theory
  9. Weather, storms, cyclones, wind, rain theory
  10. Periodic table theories
  11. Acid alkaline
  12. Brain spinal remedies
  13. Distemper theory
  14. Chakra and energy remedies
  15. Organ and tissue remedies

Is that it??!!:D As anyone can see they're all related. I just have to put them together to make them work better to heal animals. I'll get to that soon - right now I'm still working on how mag mur works and how I can get the diamagnetic elements to work best preventatively (in the moon cycle before weather conditions force their use).

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