Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Magnetic theory for storms

I've so far exhausted my brain on the possibility of wind, sun, cloud, wet, damp, electric, atmospheric pressure and temperature as being responsible for animals suffering during cyclones, storms and weather/season changes. None of them were fully right - the cloud, wind and electric were somewhat there, but not enough. Maybe this magnetism thing will give me a few answers.

I'm assuming now that wind generates a change of magnetic field as do electrical storms, clouding and the sun. Ionization happens in all of them, including during the moon cycle.

I'll just paraphrase the magnetic theory and details for our purposes - I'm sure it can't be accurate since I'm just thinking it through for the first time, but it should be somewhere to start. [The Pascal Constants are from here and the compounds from here and the image from here (I feel like footnoting all these credits but I figured I'm too lazy to start doing that - don't want to take on too many good habits!:].

Ok, this unclear image is here only to show one thing - that during storms we need to have more of the light blue than  the red or yellow or dark blue.

I'm sure it would apply to the moon cycle too, and the tides, since it is the ionization of the water that makes it heave into high tide. (Or so one is asked to believe by one website.:)

It's the same ionic plasma state of our liquid components that makes us react to these forces of nature. That is,
Rule: the reason we don't improve and grow worse during storms is because we've grown extremely magnetically susceptible to our environments.

I like this theory because it explains:
  •  why I've only had success with elements after the Cu/Arg/Aur point of the periodic table.
  •  why I so rarely needed the Nats, the Kalis, the Mags, the Nickels and Chromiums.
  • why they love all the Murs - the Chloride diamagnetic.
  • why they love Graphites in all potencies - the most diamagnetic of carbons (and why they barely draw Carbo veg except for dying/euthanasia);
  • why Ancient drew Bismuth so strongly - again, the most diamagnetic of elements. And Ammonia mur, Ant tart.
My main successes in the last 5 years have been with the right hand side of the periodic table, which often made me wonder if we are so acidic that the alkaline salts don't matter at all. Now I think it has very little to do with alkalinity and more to do with the ionic and electron properties of our structure. It makes sense that that is what homeopathy is trying to correct. Or else why such minute quantities in potency?:)

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