Thursday, February 19, 2015

Magnesium and the doors of healing

(New Moon day - Funny title, I know. I find it hard to give a name to my posts usually since my thoughts tend to cover a subject from weird angles).
Door to Reiki
The doors of my perception through Reiki are very muted since I started on Magnesium Chloride 27 days ago.

I was excited because I had long ago realised that my hands were too sensitive to disease - I would pick up disease in virtually every living thing I came in contact with, and it was exhausting my nerve strength. My hands would numb when I held the phone, and by the end of the day, my arms would be numb until my shoulders, sometimes even giving me trouble with breathing if I healed too much or if there was a very sick animal to treat. My muscles would just not get any nerve-messages and I would have to sleep off the deadening. If I got too emotional about the animal, my brain would just shut down and I'd be sleeping while healing!

I know Reiki is supposed to be less traumatic, being universal life force energy and all (... I used to teach that by rote in my classes;), but I felt I simply wasn't healthy enough to do what I needed/wanted to do. I try to distance myself from the animal, take breaks, sleep more, meditate, exercise, etc but they'd all help only temporarily.

It was only understanding mitochondria and their concentration in the brain, nerves and spine that led me to the role of magnesium in this kind of nerve excitability and hypersensitivity (hyperasthesia or nerve sensitivity to deadening).

Now I'm so much better, but my Reiki perceptions haven't grown sharper. In fact I can barely feel their needs, which is a bit worrying, but I've no doubt that I'll be able to restore the wide range of sensations that would help me understand what the animal needed with a bit of work.

Door to Homeopathy
The one weird thing about Magnesium chloride oil, or maybe the wonderful thing, is that it seems to open the door to the use of virtually all the phytochemicals or plant remedies.

Plant remedies
I've struggled in the past with finding plant remedies that the animal would draw, now I struggle with finding one that doesn't. It's as bad or as good as that. I can't decide between Arnica, Phytolacca, Chionanthus, Eucalyptus, Agaricus, etc for this new moon period. They're all strongly drawn by the body.

They all seem to activate the mitochondria to better activity, so I think this frees me to use everything from tinctures to high potencies.

Mineral or element remedies
Here there seems to be a distinction between them. They're drawing Merc 3, 6 so far (cor, i r, p r, v) which is consistent with elimination, Copper sulphate Q and Magnesium Sulphate Q. All eliminatives which help detox the body for the New Moon.

They're drawing more of the diamagnetic for sure, and they seem to need the diamagnetic as soon as I use a paramagnetic element. There's no un-twinned paramagnetic so far - every paramagnetic needs a diamagnetic with it in healing so far.

I've given them iodine tincture in food once 3 days ago and drank it in water myself. All of them had lost their appetite for a day, but seem to be calmer. I won't be repeating that - I had a metallic taste after that, which I hear is a bad sign of overdoing it.

Sea remedies
These remedies that were only drawn very rarely during the New Moon are now strongly drawn during this period. I take this as a sign of improving health - intellectually it makes sense that they need sea remedies during the New Moon period as it helps their internal water balance. Sepia 6 went down easy, which it never does, being a pineal gland/brain remedy. Haven't tried many, but

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