Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mag mur (magnesium chloride) not for storms

What always surprises me about the net is that no matter how weird my theories are, there's someone out there who has thought the same or taken it to it's logical weirdest conclusion.:)

The older dogs were disturbed (confusion, runner dogs, itching and whining) over the last week, and the winds were high, so I looked around for a cyclone somewhere in the Indian ocean. Sure enough there was one below Madagscar (6100 km or 3800 km away!) 2 days later.

I was surprised when I developed severe lower back pain during the cyclone, more in the side muscles of the lower back and the abdomen. My abdominal muscles have been weaker each year for the last 8 - they are relaxed so don't support the spine like they used to in my youth, but my surprise was because I was still using Magnesium chloride.

I'd have expected it to protect me and the animals from the storm. It didn't.

I was reading on the net for pH of dog's skin (6.8), human skin (5.8) and Mag mur (5-6.8 in 5% sol)and it made me think of magnetism.

So I checked up the magnetic constants (Planck's constants) for magnesium and chloride and all the other elements. Sure enough, Mag mur was paramagnetic (changed by magnetic fields)! This would explain why Peppy died during a storm even though she was given and drawing mag mur. Mag mur can't protect against weather conditions that are electrical or magnetic to our bodies. We need diamagnetic elements for that.

I checked the list below against those remedies I've seen frequently used during storms and with success: Aurum, Argent, Boron, Chlorine, Carbon, Cuprum, Tellurium, Indium and Thallium. The rest are used by homeopaths frequently from all accounts. This magnetic theory might explain why Mag mur didn't continue to enhance during that cyclone, but actually worked against Peppy and me. (This doesn't explain why Mercury killed the CM old dog though, who reacted to Merc sol - Merc is diamagnetic too; and why Ars alb debilitated Vasanthi long ago ... so many questions still remain).

[Like I said, no matter how oddball my postulations are, there are those who've worked it further! See this machine that claims to stop aging with 10hz - it might have some basis in fact since healing hands are supposed to generate around 8 hz.:) Here's a neurosurgeon, Jack Kruse, who's off on a mitochondrial holy grail trail who's found magnetism to be at the core of the problem.]
The list of diamagnetic, para~, ferro~ and antiferromagnetic elements:

Antimony Diamagnetic Aluminum Paramagnetic Chromium Antiferromagnetic
Arsenic Diamagnetic Barium Paramagnetic Cobalt Ferromagnetic
Aurum Diamagnetic Calcium Paramagnetic Iron Ferromagnetic
Bismuth Diamagnetic Iridium Paramagnetic Nickel Ferromagnetic
Boron Diamagnetic Lithium Paramagnetic

Bromine Diamagnetic Magnesium Paramagnetic

Cadmium Diamagnetic Manganese Paramagnetic

Carbon Diamagnetic Molybdenum Paramagnetic

Chlorine Diamagnetic Osmium Paramagnetic

Copper Diamagnetic Oxygen Paramagnetic

Gallium Diamagnetic Palladium Paramagnetic

Hydrogen Diamagnetic Platinum Paramagnetic

Indium Diamagnetic Rhodium Paramagnetic

Mercury Diamagnetic Sodium Paramagnetic

Nitrogen Diamagnetic Stannum Paramagnetic

Phosphorus Diamagnetic Strontium Paramagnetic

Plumbum Diamagnetic Titanium Paramagnetic

Selenium Diamagnetic Tungsten Paramagnetic

Silicon Diamagnetic

Silver Diamagnetic

Sulfur Diamagnetic

Tellurium Diamagnetic

Thallium Diamagnetic

Zinc Diamagnetic

Anyway, I do think that magnetism had something to do with why they were drawing Cadmium Brom 30 for the last 3 days, Aur met 1m, Arg nit and Cupr ace over the last week. Perhaps it balances the Mag mur's Paramagneticity and allows it to continue to work as it should. (Didn't for me though - it pulled out the older back and stomach weakness for specific healing during a turbulent weather condition ... something I don't want the dogs to go through!:)

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