Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kepmi gone, Red lady missing, Cat with FIP

I got a shock this evening when I heard that Kempi (from the Rama temple) died just before Shivarathri, almost a month ago. She'd  been constipated and I warned the temple watchman and Christina that this was no ordinary constipation - it was a paralysis of the intestinal muscles or a toxic reaction. I even gave some homeopathy to the guard to give to her. But I think neither Christina nor the guard took me seriously.

She came to see me twice, poor thing, wagging her tail frantically. I assumed she was getting better, but anyway I'd just started using Mag Chloride, so I put it on a couple of pieces of leg for her and down her back once. RIP, Kempi.

I really regret not seeing that she was dying. When they come for help, I wish, with hindsight, that I know it, but more importantly also exactly what to do for it. Most of the time I don't know how to heal them when they're in crisis - my mind goes blank.

I wish that I could know if I should start with nutritional balance, elimination remedies, electrohomeopathy or bach, or regular homeopathy to bring out the aggravations and miasm. Right now my own knowledge is such a mishmash of half-understandings that I have only doubts and no certainties.

Red Lady at the bakery was missing yesterday morning and I haven't the heart to go and hear she's dead too.:( She'd begun to develop a coat down her back with regular application of Mag Chloride, which was heartening and surprising. She was beginning to be playful with the puppies despite her paralysed leg. I hope no one killed her because she was a barker. She was a very beautiful girl, and I just photographed her to show the improvement the day before.:/

Tollu has saliva hanging off his mouth and his tongue sticking out. Looks like a swelling around his throat region or his neck. Perhaps from my use of Iodine inappropriately? I should have waited until Full Moon - New Moon to FQ is just the worst time possible! He might have fallen and hurt his jaw. He drew Terebinth 3.
Rita of Rita's Beauty Parlour has a cat with FIP. So the season of scrofulous death begins in Bangalore.

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