Thursday, February 19, 2015

Healing: Reflecting on this long (and winding:) road

I've found a new arrangement here, it's a different way to understand using all the remedies that were used in 1902.:) I'll get to it for interesting bits soon, but it made me think.

Most of us who've come to healing as amateurs don't really have either a good grasp on chemical reactions nor on herbology. We have no inclination/aptitude for pharmacy or drugs or cultivation or medicine. I particularly came to it from a curiosity about life, an empathy with sentience, a compassion for suffering which grew into a fascination, and then a passion. I also had an equal and opposite dread of death, a fear and a hopeless horror of an unhappy ending to all that living, breathing intelligence.

I am one of many healers who have the same beginnings in love, not knowledge. We've got no arrangement internally for the physical world around us. We've got no deep roots in any lockstep, foundational learning process - curing by any means is all a mish-mash of quotes, opinions and hearsay.

Experience and observation is all we have really to go on, and I know I'm damn good at both. I also have an advantage in that animals reach out to me for help like they see something I can't. I almost feel like they're showing me their disease, asking me to look and learn and act, do something about it. Like they're guiding me to be a healer.

I remember how, 25 yrs ago, I was confident of healing all the animals with what I thought at that time was 'all there was to know in homeopathy.' I knew the names and a leading symptom for about 300 remedies, a few Mataji Narayani's mixtures from Book I, I was armed with my own copy of Materia medica by Boericke and had access to all my mother's remedy collection. I even had a couple of veterinary homeopathic books. But though I'd heal the surface problems and take great pride in each accomplishment. If it went deeper, I'd stop the remedies and go to a vet to take a tangent 'expert' care until death. Which was sure to come.

I stopped being so insecure, hypocritical and frightened a few years later, tried to be more authentic to the dogs with homeopathy, and tried to leave vets to their road and stick to the lesser travelled one I'd chosen. It's still hard to do, still hard to let the animal go naturally knowing that I don't know enough to save it.

I remember how 10 years ago I tried to memorize the whole of Hahneman's Organon and Materia Medica, and then Boericke again, to try and save Lassie and her two daughters and the 11 others with me. How I would cry in frustration because every symptom was in virtually every element, and every plant was so unique that I couldn't find a symptom to match their true suffering. Their death was as sure as it was in a vet's hands. But I just knew that if I took it to the vet, it would die anyway and I'd only delay finding a better way than any before.

It was only 5 years ago that saw a way out of that morass of homeo-information overload. It was just to pull me out of despair that I began to write this blog. But a few blah-blahs later I realised that I needed to arrange my remedies somehow. And then rearranged them over and over again.

Putting elements back into the periodic table, putting plants into their families. I began to arrange the world around me by its periodicity. The natural rhythms each having a place in healing and disease - the moon cycle, the tides, the seasons, the weather changes.

I began to match that order in my remedy cabinet. Occasionally, I'd put worm remedies together, acid-alkaline, electro-homeo, bach, etc. but I knew that the arranging was just an exercise before the greater understanding of healing could begin in theories - like the mitochondrial theory.

If your arrangement isn't set in stone, but you do have an arrangement in your head for both your 'agents', the remedies, and your environment, the patient's symptoms is the least of your problems since that is covered extensively in medical literature of all branches. You also need to have a method of identifying the remedy and the disease - I have reiki for the former, and the mitochondrial theory for the latter.

Finally now I have this base. I hope in the years to come to be able to save those animals that everyone else can't because of this foundation.

The foundation is just to be able to disprove or prove your theory in the crucible of experience. Each animal you don't save will correct the foundation, those you save will prove that your structure was on a firm footing.

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