Thursday, February 12, 2015

Grass tetany = Canine Distemper in Dogs. Use Mag Chlor.

I have a feeling that what's called Grass tetany or Spring tetany is the same as the annual spring outbreak of Canine Distemper in dogs. Because of the similarity in both season and symptom.

From here: "Grass tetany occurs most frequently in the spring, often following a cool period (temperatures between 45 and 60°F) when grass is growing rapidly, but also is seen in the fall with new growth of cool season grass or wheat pastures.
Typical signs of grass tetany begin with an uncoordinated gait and terminate with convulsions, coma, and death.  Animals on pasture are often found dead without illness having been observed.  Evidence of thrashing will usually be apparent around the cow if grass tetany is the cause of death."

We've seen these symptoms over and over again in our distemper cases. If it's just a magnesium deficiency, why don't we do something about it?? The similarity probably means that our vets simply haven't realised that supplimental magnesium might save dog lives.

I'm dreading this coming season of distemper. I've already told 4 shelters - Sarvodaya, Karuna, CUPA and CARE to use Mag Chlor and given them a contact number for the factory locally. (In Bangalore it's Ramesh at 9845162426 fyi).

I've been giving it to all the dogs over the last 16 days, in every direction, hoping to prevent cases in this region. I've applied it to a hell of a lot of street dogs as well. I know though, unfortunately, there will be a whole lot of owner dogs that will have dogs go through it that will be left on the street to suffer.:(

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