Friday, February 13, 2015

Senility: Emotional thinness, insanity in Spring/LQ

We've just gotten past the Last Quarter and I want to use a couple of strange incidents to point to the crazy effect the moon or the season has on very sick (mentally or physically) people (and animals). I checked first for cyclones or storms in the nearest 6000 km radius, but there is none. So this is the moon working on the mind or the seasonal start of Spring.
There was an old policeman trying to clear a road for the CM to come by, and he was so hypertensive that I was taken aback. He was alternately screaming and then begging, "I've been here from 6 am (it was 8:00 pm in the evening then, poor man) and you're trying to make me lose my pension. Don't you want me to get a pension to live on?" That CM was not even close and this guy was running himself ragged trying to clear a road full of vehicles. It just looked mad. Not quite mentally balanced - that degree of emotion on a job (albeit a hopeless task) can only be a 'tell' of a deeper health problem. He might have been in his mid-60s.

Since it's New Moon coming up and not Full Moon, I can't figure out what the health problem could be. Mentally he was running himself ragged on emotion, losing more magnesium unnecessarily. What could it be?? Hypertension I would have thought would rise for FM, not NM.

I fed the one-eyed beauty in the park in V'ngr and a harmless looking old man in his late 60s, came up and wanted to know what I was doing since it was near his house. I told him that it was near the park, not his house, and got on my bike and that rascal swung at my face with his bag! I called him a bunch of abusive names as I drove off and he got someone to catch my bike and stop me. I was furious by this point and called the cops. Well, I finally saw someone I recognised so cooled down. Also, the darned cops didn't show up for a while and I had a couple of dogs to feed still and so I left. His wife was out of balance too, trying to grab my hand, but the son was normal - maybe magnesium levels in the young protect them from harm during this period. (Big bore to go to the cops really, they're so few (about 28), can do so little and doesn't really achieve anything. Better really to leave them for bigger problems.)

Again, this man seemed to be a little mad. Approaching a stranger, appearing friendly, attacking when he didn't get his way, throwing threatening words, lying to cover up. His moods swinging wildly. What could be the problem? Again it seemed to be hypertensive, a blood pressure problem, along with a razor-thin grasp on his sanity. It looked like a megalomania or some egomania. Weird. It was right near the end that I realised he wasn't quite sane and I'd egged him on a bit, so I cooled down. Isn't fair to tease the mentally-sick and if I'd realised it, I might have walked away sooner.

Right now I think it might be combination of moon and season. I know spring is very hard on the dogs, stressing the sick, so it might be hard on the people as well. Maybe these moon cycles in spring are very disorienting to people in their 60s?
I figured it out after a couple of hours: They're showing signs of Senility - that explains the common features in both cases. The emotional extremes of violence, rage, confusion of sequence of events/lying, begging. That's why it was in the 60+ age group that I found this weirdness. It's a bit like a learning disability because they aren't adapting.

Disease, the one we know as Senility and aging, advances every Spring (and Autumn?). I think it also creeps up on the 60+s after Midtide and after Last Quarter when the toxins aren't thrown out of the body. (it was about threefourths way to low tide when it happened).  Some inferences:

  • So, just from it's position in the cycle, the liver is mightily implicated in this mitochondrial problem then. Aging/senility must be related to the solar plexus ganglion, the 'animal brain' (what got gangrenised in Ancient, and malfunctions in distemper cases). If it gets overloaded with toxins - which the blood must clean out in the liver to eliminate into the lower chakras - the mind gets affected; the ego spikes, expressing rage, anger, hate, spite, suspicion, domination. It's also the emotional chakra.
  • Also, working backwards, Spring isn't the first season, it's the Last Quarter equivalent? With New Moon and the start of the season cycle being Summer?? Makes sense.
  • It is URGENT and imperative that I help my dogs eliminate toxins!! How how how... tomorrow.

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