Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Diamagnetic for weather?

These are the diamagnetic and neutral elements I tried yesterday: Gallium, Copper, Cadmium, Bromine, Arsen, Iod, Sulph. They were all less reactive and more peaceful. I guess I have to try this for a few weeks to see if they will improve radically during weather change. I didn't go by any other criteria, so that I might get clearer results. It appears (from the list below) that these can be quantified as well, so all the better for healing. More later.

Diamagnetic Paramagnetic
Bismuth -16.6 Iron oxide (FeO) 720
Mercury -2.9 Iron amonium alum 66
Silver -2.6 Uranium 40
Carbon (diamond) -2.1 Platinum 26
Lead -1.8 Tungsten 6.8
Carbon (graphite) -1.6 Cesium 5.1
Sodium chloride -1.4 Aluminum 2.2
Copper -1 Lithium 1.4
Water -0.91 Magnesium 1.2
Ammonia -0.26 Sodium 0.72

Oxygen gas 0.19

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