Saturday, February 14, 2015

A transdermal bonanza of ingredients

I've been applying Magnesium Chloride on as many dogs as will allow me for the last 2.5 weeks and on myself as well. Kenchu hasn't reacted much, but I see an improvement in Gunda, Icy and Sweetie at home, and the Red Lady at the last bakery. Then, because Kenchu had such a negative reaction to full-strength oil, I put it in a bottle of aloe vera gel - got better absorption (no results yet though).

Recently I had a light-bulb moment of a-ha enlightenment. All dogs, especially young and middle aged, draw Copper in one form or the other continuously through Reiki and homeopathy. So I added a few grains of Copper Sulphate to the Mag mur-Aloe mix and I'm finding even less reaction and itching!

Why Copper?
Practically all of our research into severe skin problems pointed us toward a single direction: copper. Studies prove that copper is useful in increasing skin elasticity (increasing elastin), producing ideal skin thickness, and for stimulating collagen production. Copper seems to have miraculous properties upon human skin. Copper is to the skin what vitamin C is to the overall immune system. It is essentially a supplement for the skin. (from here).

So now I'm wondering why not give the sickest dogs transdermal micronutrients?? Their digestions are rarely up to it. Apparently nutrient rich food creates fermentation by hungry parasites (bacterial and yeast) - this I've seen is true. My dogs, esp. sick or dying, have painful fermentation in the bowels for a month or so before dying. If only I can prevent that!

I'm finding a lot of cagey sites giving half truths about ingredients like this but essentially agreeing with my idea. And I like the nutrient list from there: Magnesium 14 mg, Zinc 1.2 mgs, Iron 600 mcg,Boron 120 mcg, Iodine 60 mcg, Copper 40 mcg, Manganese 40 mcg, Molybdenum 8 mcg, Selenium 8 mcg, Chromium 8 mcg, Vitamin B12 200 mcg, and Vitamin D 200iu.

Some really naive and honest patents like this one about using thiamine ( vit B6) to repel insects.

This one is really clear though "Want to maximize suppliment absorption? Try transdermal ..." Even when the system is strong, only 10 - 20 percent of standard oral vitamins and minerals are metabolized. However, these same nutrients have a much higher rate (up to 60 percent) when applied to the skin."

60%?? Can't beat that!

I've gotten as far as putting Magnesium chloride and Copper sulphate together, now to add Iodine, Hammamelis, Vit C and D.

One of the comments brought up what looked like an important point about not taking copper without zinc since copper raises estrogen and zinc raises testosterone. But another website says that the body cannot properly use zinc without copper.

And not to mention the raging debate over oral consumption of iodine tincture here but where they don't object to the transdermal use. I have myself found that transdermal appears to suppress gangrene as in the case of Ancient (where I footpainted) who developed gangrene higher up (solar plexus) while the joints healed. The safest to injest she says is Kali iod, so I'll keep that in mind.

So there is some need for tweaking, no doubt. But it's when I hear these mad debates that I desperately want to only give it in homeopathic potencies! I'm sure I'll soon figure out how to make the same transdermal nutrients in homeopathic sprays or applications. That's all that keeps me sane as I read the net for nutrition.:)

Here are the ingredients from the Wyze site:
Distilled water, Colloidal copper and copper hydroxide*, Citric acid, Vitamin C, Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) [Guar gum, Xanthan Gum, Chalk - what for?]

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