Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Twin cyclones! and Runner dogs

Only this morning I noticed that it's not one but two cyclones  hovering over the ocean! It's a blessing that my dogs are not reacting to it - but it explains all the 'runner' dogs I'm seeing on the road.

I frequently blamed the animal welfare ngos for this (since they still dump dogs in wrong areas to save on petrol and make money) but about a year ago I noticed that these runners are highest just a couple of days before stormy weather.

They're all dogs with hypersensitive nerves, nutritional deficiencies and mitochondrial problems - now if I could only get them to drink or eat some of the remedies I have, I'll be able to save a few of their lives.

Many of these runner dogs have heart attacks, run until they drop from exhaustion, which could easily be prevented imo with homeopathy (agaricus, china, lathyrus, mag mur? not sure yet).

Just see the electrical charge built up in this monster! No wonder the dogs are reacting to it from 1500+ km away!!

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