Saturday, January 24, 2015

The two main Macronutrients for dogs in Magnesium Chloride

I've started taking Magnesium Chloride in my tea and giving it to the dogs in food (I never give the dogs anything without testing it on myself first - some human testing to balance world karma.:p).

The changes I've felt till now is a little pain in my chest muscles (which must be calcified from all my smoking:), no muscle pain in any of my limbs, but pain in my jaws (which are chronically stiff), a little coughing up of phlegm,  and a kind of coolness in my eyes (my eyes are usually hot and dry). I've also felt my eyes tearing during my morning walk for the dogs in a pleasant way, not the usual prickly photosensitive way. I'm sleeping better and not having any of the occasional numbness in my arms or legs (even when I give Reiki  which is unusual). I've also had a sweeter saliva since taking it making me convinced that it is helping my digestion in some way. I've got a bit of tingling in the tip of my tongue and I've been a bit gassy in the evening, but very mildly. Not so many nightmares about dog suffering that wake me and a little more energy than usual. It's only been 2 nights/1 day since I started, and I'm quite happy with it.

I'm not looking at transdermal magnesium yet - skin-painting or foot bathing, because
1. there are very few street dogs that will allow me to wet them and healing through food is more fair and uniform;
2. homeopathy has direction of cure: from inside out and top down. I found that foot-painting with Iodine tincture for Ancient healed the gangrene in the legs, but not the navel. Perhaps if I'd painted him from head down while giving internal doses as well, he might not have had to die of necrosis.

Apparently, Magnesium is required for enamel (which might explain the rapid loss of teeth in distemper dogs like Kenchu), for nerve endings (from an earlier post months ago), for decalcifying tissue/detox, to treat shock (esp Mag mur here), digestion (makes more hydrochloric acid in stomach) and for Iodine absorbtion/treatment. That's a lot!
Where to buy
I got the Magnesium Chloride crystals from Karnataka Fine Chem for Rs. 250/500gms and Rs. 188/500gms in two qualities (a bit expensive, but it isn't available anywhere else in Bangalore!)

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