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Starting from basics: Macronutrients and Micronutrients

There are many macronutrients that mammals need of which two interest me from here: macrominerals are magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, chloride, and potassium. Wiki adds sulphur to the list and sensibly, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen as macroelements.

Mostly dogs draw Mag mur combining the two macrominerals of Magnesium and chloride, and they draw carbon, nitrogen and sulphur when they're out of balance as well. The Magnesium chloride (Mag mur) with protein and calcium in the meat and thiamine or vitamin D3 (the sun basically) makes for a good balanced diet.

The main micronutrients are  iron, cobalt, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc and molybdenum and vitamins.  Four of these (that I have) draw energy regularly. They are Cuprum (Cuprum acetate or met), Chromium (Kali bich), Manganese (Manganum acetate, don't have others) and Zinc (Zinc met) in that order. Iodine only occasionally, and now in winter - it is probably a winter remedy or a seasonal change remedy.

I've got to buy a bunch more to check them out - Cobalt met, Mang mur, Mang met, Mang carb, Zinc iod, mur, oxy, phos, picric, brom, cyan, ace, sulph, valerian. (!). Well, slowly.:) We don't have molybdenum in homeopathic doses, and iron, iodine (winter) and selenium aren't regularly drawn but only by dogs dying of organ failure or all-cause mortality (as they call mitochondrial death and system failure these days).

Boron, arsenic, silicon (and chromium here in Wiki)
Surprisingly, I've had cats and dogs draw one very trace element (boron in kittens) with gusto and had wild results from the others.
Borax 50m triggered the absolute recovery of Dollu from very severe muscular and respiratory problems as a kitten and the same Borax 50m set off Sonu's jaw cancer which eventually killed her. Material doses in these ultratrace elements don't help!
Arsen alb 1m reduced Vasanthi to a shadow of her old self from which weakened state she eventually died. And Silicea, so famous for healing scrofulous cases, but I've never seen it drawn until Ancient drew it in 10m and 200. Before him, even Sil 3x would bring up horrific skin alterations in the dogs. Maybe these two need to be given high, but I haven't the courage.
Rule: If any of the macronutrients are drawn strongly, they should be given in material doses.
Rule: If any of the remedies (macro, micro or plant tinctures) are drawn in all potencies, it should be given in tincture and material doses.
Rule: Ultratrace elements shouldn't be given in material doses or even homeopathic, esp if the macro- and micro-nutrients are imbalanced!

I've come full circle on the first rule - one of my pet peeves against Boericke that couldn't digest was his use of tinctures and material doses. I thought that to be a homeopath, using material doses was a failure.

1. I've rethought that since Ancient. I've had so many dogs die needing way too many doses of some single remedy in 6x or 3x (Ancient drew Iod 3x until a day before he died, and Mag mur in all potencies until the last breath! I could have prevented this with material doses probably). Pummi drawing Thuja in all potencies for example, might have been healed by material doses of Thuja Q? And Mag mur in all potencies, both her and Peppy ... perhaps material doses there as well? I am beginning to think so.
2. Blackie's black kitten that died with foaming in the mouth after eating? It's supposed to be a magnesium deficiency, maybe even from before birth. Now I know how to treat that.:(
3. And all those with Respiratory hardening and stomach cramping in so many distemper cases, I think material doses will boost their mitochondrial energy levels to a self-healing state.

A theory that acknowledges that Hahnemann and his colleagues were first of all Chemists and Druggists, shows the importance of material doses to their work. And if we work from nutrients up,  we can easily see that some are needed in large quantities and some in very minute doses. So balancing our homeopathic traces with larger components like material doses isn't a failure -- it is a deeper understanding of the work and origin of Hahnemann's understanding of Life.

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