Saturday, January 10, 2015

R.I.P., Ancient and notes about his treatment

Ancient finally died at 3:30 am. Yesterday the maggots had cleaned out most o the surface necrosis around the navel and it had begun to close up by morning (but I wonder how it would have been inside! I would occasionally see one or two maggots coming out but for the most part the majority had moved deeper). I really couldn't see how he was surviving on a couple of biscuits and maggots in his peritonial cavity. The decay must have been so extensive around his intestines. I was relieved for him to be free of his struggle and it was an easy end. He'd been having mild waterbrash for the last two nights at high tide (full moon), and today he spasmed with reflux but couldn't relax the same muscles again to breathe.

High tide is a difficult time for those with malfunctioning livers.

Since I picked him up in August last year, 5 months ago, I have thought that he was on the verge of dying. Every day of the first 3 weeks when he was in a coma-like state, I thought his respiration would stop. Then when he began having his epileptic fits 3 - 5 times a day, I thought that would kill him, so violent they were.

Then those stopped and he would just cry unbearably long and loud for hours on end, the cri encephalique(high pitched shrill cries), for the last 4 and a half months, a really difficult time for my family and neighbours since time didn't exist for the screamer. With this yelling and his constant urination, OCD need for dry bedding, restless wanderings to get stuck in corners or under beds, he hasn't been the easiest dog to look after. But he was adorable on and off when he could connect mentally, a few mins a day. Life literally came to a halt though and my workload tripled with the attention he needed, the laundry, losing sleep and cleaning up after him.

He and the other scrofulous dogs I've brought in to die have been my greatest teachers.

It was because of his toughness and the disease's consistency that I was able to narrow down the remedies to the tides and the moon cycle more accurately. It's also because of him I looked at Bach's flower remedies, Electro Homeopathy, it's connection to mitochondria and scrofula including the use of elements again in treating them.

In hanging in there, improving and then having relapses, living as long as he did, licking up the remedies eagerly he paid back a hundred times over for any inconvenience his condition caused me. And the wonder I felt at the way he ate and drank right until the very end.

Most of the remedies I gave him either helped or didn't hurt him - even if it didn't hold and cure. Electro homeopathy's yellow and blue electrals helped the most. The one mistake I made was probably giving the Psorinum - still not sure about it. Psorinum seems to have exposed tissue that was necrosing and processed them to completion - but it completely weakened him. I should have given it in autumn rather than the beginning of winter, if at all. Boericke says that it is the chronic of Bacillinum, but I think it is too harsh on the sick - Bacillinum is enough and plenty especially if the dog is constipated or has a poor nervous system.

He is not the only one who died this storm - the dark grey and white sweeper's dog has gone, my little dancing girl has been missing for 3 days now, the little white-black-eared Bakery puppy is missing and so is the cancer dog at Loop road. The start of Spring has wiped out a lot of dogs with hidden weakenesses.

So, R.I.P., tough guy! See you on the other side.

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