Sunday, January 11, 2015

Restless feet = mitochondrial fatigue

I should have seen this coming! Well, if I had known the mitochondria in the feet get old first and so dogs that limp or hop from one foot to the other or place their feet gingerly have not got enough mitochondria or aren't getting enough to feed them. Even dogs that lie with their head low between their paws might have the same problem. Dogs that are taller are the first to go.
Ancient could barely step on his hindlegs and his forelegs were terribly weak (the muscles would give way when he sat up on his elbows). I didn't really understand the connect between muscle fatique and mitochondria then, but now I know more. Epileptic fits in his case might have been constant contraction of the muscle fiber from poor nutrition. For other dogs, it might be one leg held tight against the body in a state of constant contraction. The build-up of lactic acid is a mitochondrial problem. With too much demand on the body's muscles suddenly, calcium cycling shuts down and the deposit of calcium in the cells begins.

So the question is: How do we build up mitochondria? and how long does it take? (because in the last 5 months I might have been able to save Ancient's life, if I'd asked these questions.) More on this in the next few posts, but the 7bigspoons has a lot of what humans do. I think animals can do with a bit of that too.

I wish all knowledge to be mine at once, of course, but mostly I 'recognise' those things I read as important to my healing work - as if I always knew it but had just forgotten it. I'm pasting these links because I think others are reading for the same.:)

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