Thursday, January 1, 2015

Rachetic bones in dogs - Hekla lava 1st Qtr - Full Moon

Ok, so tuberculosis transforms to scrofula, which is connected to rachitis in puppyhood, and most street dogs are rachetic or had been. In fact, I think distemper is rachitis when the body can't make the necessary changes from childhood to adulthood.

I've just realised that Hekla lava, my old favorite that have haven't returned to in 2 years, may be the key to curing this disease.

I've had one unforgettable cure of a stunted street-dog from the Cantonment slum. I saw it being bullied by a bunch of larger dogs, shooed them off and chased it down (ruthlessly:) to feed it. The only remedies I had on me were Hekla 200 and 30, so I dumped a lot of it on two pieces of meat and threw it to the victim. He had twisted, short tough limbs and large head so figured it would be right for him.

I didn't see him for 6 months though I searched and thought he was either chased off or dead. But I lo and behold!ed when I did see him!;p He had a fresh and shiny coat and was busy in courtship with a very elegant female looking sparkly and new and tough. I've tried it several times since with no visible success so gave up on it.

But today I think giving up was a mistake - the problem must be when we give the remedy, not to whom.

I've seen several dogs die of apparent 'cancer' of the penis, with bulbous growths on the penile bone that I think might have been helped by this remedy (especially the brown Loop Road darling who disappeared). Most of the males have problems that look like urinary infections which are probably just ulceration of the penile bone. I always thought it was syphilitic but now that I read about scrofula and rachitis, I'm making a new connection to what the problem might be.

I gave Hekla after Ancient drew it like crazy during the night. I had picked it up by chance to check against other remedies. So I gave it to all the dogs in milk this morning. Seems to have helped them all through the unexpected storm. (Ancient needed Cuprum met as well, so I'll include it in the food for this evening, he was drawing both at 1m wh).

So as a Rule: Bone remedies 3 days after the First Quarter to the Full Moon.

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