Saturday, January 17, 2015

Plant remedies and Mitochondria

So, since Electro Homeopathy seems to be closest to the mitochondrial understanding of healing, lets look at Electro Homeopathy's electrals and categories again.

  • Red and Blue electrals go together - Red worked for a few days after New Moon for Ancient maybe because it is for energizing. I don't know when Blue works in the moon cycle.
  • Green and Yellow go together - of these, I know Green works best from LQ to NM because it addresses necrosis and cell death. (Yellow worked great for Ancient for a long period calming his nerves but I can't recall the moon phase - maybe it was before a storm??)
  • White is just for building up .... but building up mitochondria?? I'll have to check these after the New Moon when the body is back to building up.

In the Categories of Electrohomeopathy:
  • Angiotico - no clue haven't used it
  • Pettorale - no clue haven't used it (stands between blood and tissue remedies, it says, so has to do with the direction of breakdown in scrofula as described by Guollon)
  • Febrifugo - I've used this but haven't connected it to the mitochondria yet. They're nerve related.
  • Linfatico - used this but haven't connected it yet. These are immunity related.
  • Venero - constitutional remedies to combat degeneration of mitochondria through disease, self-abuse and oxidative stress. So for the mutating mitochondria.
  • Vermifugo - improving elimination of toxins, waste through intestines. Worms might be just a part of the process if digestion is imperfect.
  • Canceroso - this is obviously for the mutating mitochondria, to control the changes and make them positive.
  • Scrofuloso or metabolic - works obviously during the New Moon to Full Moon phase reducing inflammations and scrofula. Controlling mutation of the mitochondria or reducing oxidative stress; perhaps reducing their number. But more likely, improving the condition of the healthy, stable mitochondria.

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