Friday, January 9, 2015

Only heal the head?

I have been thinking along the lines of another oddball theory: That we must focus on only healing the head and forget the body.

First of all, my theory developed from having to heal Ancient in an awkward way over the last few weeks. He sleeps with his head towards me so that my hands only reach as far as his neck. If I reach further he really sets up a yowl to wake up the dead.

So I got into a habit of only checking remedies on his head to preserve the peace. This is how I found out that Iodium works brilliantly on the head - forehead, crown and back of the head - and that he needed so much of it. They all do! It works in with my "homeopathy works with mitochondria" of a few weeks ago.:)

My original intention was to heal the head chakras and then move down the spine to the rest of the body. I remember my guides telling me a while ago that I should heal dogs using the Reiki method (which is to heal top down) rather than the bottom up or my usual panicked haphazard focus on chakras around weak areas.

Imagine my frustrated astonishment when, for over a month, I haven't been able to leave healing of the head area!

It was only this morning when I was again trying to heal past his head it struck me that since the mind controls the whole, we probably only need to heal the head region and the rest of the body would follow! An aha moment.

After all, if the eyes are connected to the intestines, the ears to the brain, the nose to the kidneys, the tonsils to the immune system, the thyroid to the liver, etc. (not sure what exactly yet!) we only need to do an acupressure kind of shorthand for healing as well.:)

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