Saturday, January 17, 2015

More on my current theory on mitochondria

[I'm almost embarrassed to mention mitochondria in the post header because of how we alternative people have bastardized and used scientific terms in a loose and negligent fashion (quantum, etc ). It is disrespectful to the kind of funding, time and work that those poor scientists put into finding their 'truths' and writing their research papers (though I must say that I would never, ever have done any of it or wanted to - the animal suffering they cause, the self-aggrandizing spending, the repetitiveness of the tasks are all so repulsive:).

My use of the mitochondria, the terms, theories and findings, are just to loosely understand them for picking remedies to give the animals - no different than my use of Reiki or homeopathic terms, theories and findings. It's all naive and general - I only want to know why something works and some other doesn't without getting attached to any of the ideas. And certainly not to put anyone's back up. So please do read this man's labour on mitochondria as I'll be including the research papers that fueled my wild imagination.;p]
There are two types of mitochondria - the mutating and the stable, both inside the nucleus and the outside in the cell. It's the balance between the two, and the kind of mutation (health giving or decreasing) that determines aging and death.

When we give homeopathic remedies, I think we either reach the stable mitochondria and stabilize the animal, or we increase the defect-causing mutating mitochondria and the disease accelerates (by increasing their proliferation, favoring them).

I think:
  • Nosodes address Structure: nosodes like Psorinum kill mitochondria (for scabies-causing mitochondria in this case). They are selective though, killing 'bad' mito in the hope that they will come back healthier, which is why you see the huge dip in the health of the very sick, the ones with a great deal of defective mitochondria. If the left-over mitochondria can't reproduce, or can't fast enough, or the defect-causing mitochondria are too many, too deep and were all killed, the animal dies from a general necrosis of tissue, like my Ancient.
  • Animal remedies are also destructive to Structure. Most of the brilliant homeopathic animal remedies are poisons which kill mitochondria.
  • Elements provide Nutrients: elements (mineral remedies) feed mitochondria. But where it can go wrong is when it feeds the defective mitochondria more than the healthy. This is why there is a danger to giving Calc carb for instance because it can increase the calcium intake only to the detriment of the cell, calcification killing the cell by hardening/aging it. (Perhaps balancing the calcs with the mags and the phosphorus might help - but more on correct usage later).
  • Plant remedies modify Action: plant remedies appear to be the best of all - because they address the action of the mitochondria and address it, targetting the metabolic activity rather than the nutrients or the structure.
I was right all along, from the beginning - homeopathy (and reiki) can do harm. I have to study the lipids and the metabolic action of the mitochondria more. And the way plant remedies release their power into the bodies before I can write more clearly, but these are the bare bones of my thinking so far. In this Electro-homeopathy is spot-on -- addressing Metabolism is key to cure.

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