Thursday, January 8, 2015

More maggots in the belly button.

Again I panicked today. Ancient has a new mass of maggots in his belly button. So I read over what I'd written the last time he had maggots:
"the way to stop the process is to catch the disease early - when the nervous system is getting overloaded building up to a storm with Asterias, Hcot and Cicuta (maybe even Mags, Calcs and Kalis); then when the body breaks down and necrosis sets in during the storms, start with Cu Met/Ace, Arg Nit and Aur mur; then you go with the elements like Ph acid, Ars met and Bismuth after the storm passes to rebuild the wrecked nervous system support." from here

He's drawing Phosphorus 6 this time - he's much weaker than before. I was wrong about it being connected to the storm only, back then - it is connected to the Full moon too, (and a mild rainstorm), just like the last time.

But this time I can say I've done most of those remedies at least once building up to the full moon and it didn't stop the flesh from decaying. Maybe more doses (I've given plenty of Cup met 200 but none of the others repeatedly).

The thing I've done differently this time is worth noting: I started with Ledum 10m, Cupr met 200, Iod 3x, Lathyrus 1m, Agaricus 30. It hasn't stopped the maggots, but seems to help him in other ways. Phos 6, Hekla 30, Calc calc 200 have quietened him now, but the maggots are still there. I've added gunpowder 1m to keep the area from getting infected and am using Iodine tincture to keep it clean.
I'm off to buy him hydrogen peroxide and some ivermectin for a just in case - I don't plan to kill the maggots. Not unless I have to.

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