Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mitochondria and the Acid-Alkali connection

From here:
"Thus anything that moves us from overall acid conditions toward alkaline that recover the neutral zone is going to enhance cell metabolism via mitochondrial optimization. If cancer is a mitochondrial disease it can be treated directly with a cocktail of magnesium bicarbonate, sulfur and selenium and it would probably be a good idea to supplement strongly with iodine as well. All of these basic cellular substances will work together to repair damaged cells and their mitochondria and fire them up for full activity."

All this is good and ties in with my Acid-Alkali studies of the past, but I know that dogs don't draw Selenium, Mag carb or Soda bicarb (Nat Carb) and Iodine.

What they draw virtually exclusively and extensively is Mag Mur (Mag Chloride) and Chlorine, which had always puzzled me. They draw Sulphur occasionally and in all potencies and Iodine 3 of recent times (I have forced Iodine on them when Ancient began to draw it, though I suspect Iodine is just for very old/sick dogs while Chlorine is required more universally across age groups).

The idea of making them more alkaline is great, but can't be done easily or safely - I have tried clumsily in the past. I think if we work it into the moon cycle and increase the plant remedies, it is possible after a few cycles, but I have not yet succeeded.
Mag mur mistakes ... trying to avoid cramps::)

Last week I read up about 'tying up' in horses, or cramping (this article too mentions the use of Selenium and vit E). I remember Icy's major decline a year ago happened after a long walk when he trembled for almost a month and would only draw Ruta 3x. I didn't know of Magnesium and mitochondria then. So ...

Just this morning, after an extra-long walk, I wanted to avoid muscle cramping in Icy and the others, so I gave all the dogs Mag Mur 30. All the dogs instantly looked uncomfortable and Icy especially looked like he was in pain. He started out of the house and I realised to my horror that he had an erection that he couldn't get rid of! One of Clarke's symptoms for using Mag Mur is "frequent erections early in the morning with burning in penis."

It lasted 3 uncomfortable hours, poor chap. At over 12 years, most of those monogamous to Naina and never looking at another female since, he was horrified.:)

I think that Mag mur shouldn't be given in the morning and probably not at New Moon. High tide, Full Moon and evenings/nights might be the right moments of high acidity when Mag mur would have the most positive impact. There are no lasting effects though, so thank heavens for homeopathy's mildness!

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