Monday, January 26, 2015

Magnesiums - sulphs, chlor, Q, acids and Hekla

I think I'm going to start recording the details of my experiments with magnesium:
1. First, Magnesium sulphate (epsom salts) which I gave a year or more ago to all the cats and dogs both internally and externally (only a dog or two) didn't do much though I was excited about it after reading Eli Jones' groundbreaking book on how to cure cancer.

In fact, putting it on Kenchu and Pummi was easy, but the dogs and I spent two uncomfortable days when it itched and didn't get absorbed.

2. With renewed interest, I tried magnesium chloride as oil alone on the skin and the dogs itched and complained for two days, on and off between bouts of deep and restful sleep.

3. I tried magnesium oil with Ac. sulph 3 yesterday, then with Ac. Phos 3 (which is totally wrong I read now since Phosphorus inhibits Magnesium absorption!). They don't seem all that much better with those two and with Cupr Ace 6, Cupr Ars 3, Arg nit 6 in the food, the jury is still out.

4. I've just tried it with Hekla lava 6, assuming the calciums in it will help balance the absorption, but they itched and complained for 15 mins now.

Maybe none of these really help magnesium absorption - I wonder what does? I'll need to keep trying the elements first and then I'll move to the plant remedies.

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