Monday, January 26, 2015

Magnesium chloride (oil) aggravations

Having finally acquired the Magnesium Chloride with a great effort of will and work, and making Magnesium Oil, I was afraid of being underwhelmed by the effect of the material doses. Happily, not! I've applied it for 4 days now to myself, starting small at the neck and shoulders and then my arms and legs.

The most surprising thing to me was the aggravations mimic the homeopathic, or vice versa!

The absorption began with itching, then burning, which made me immensely happy - I love to feel effects.:) Then there was a shooting pain in the jaws before the muscles became looser - which makes sense since I've always had very stiff jaw muscles. The shoulder and neck applications made my head hurt a bit. The day before yesterday applying it to my arms gave me some chest pains and heaviness in the arms - so right on track. Yesterday applying it to my legs upto my knees was the most amazing -- I'm still cramped up in my calf muscles! I've always had very stiff calf muscles making running a struggle, and I can see it working just from the aggravations.

I don't see much change in the cats except a little less fighting perhaps, the kittens seem brighter. But my dogs reactions are the most interesting. They're allowing me to apply the magnesium oil on their skin!

Something that Gunda especially rarely allows. Gunda is less aggressive than ever before - got to see if it will last. Kenchu, who is completely blue-ish and hairless, and very acidic, does have a long aggravation, but the rest seem to find it helps them sleep. I've been applying down the back, the spine, starting yesterday. That seems to be the area that needs it the most in these dogs.

One caution is that it is very alkaline and they're drawing some acidic remedies like Cupr Acetate and Arg Nit to counter it, homeopathically. I might need to go more acidic if Kenchu keeps reacting for longer and longer periods to the alkalinity. He even drew Ac. Sulph 6 yesterday. These salts seem to need neutralization for the body to be happy with them. Not neutralizing is probably the mistake I made with Peppy.:(

If homeopathic and chemical aggravations are the same then I'm quite comforted - I'll know how to handle this if I ever give too much
------------update Day 6 (28 Jan)
After reducing my dose for 2 days, and sleeping really well, I can see an incredible change in my muscles - I jogged this morning! My foot injury has healed mostly thanks to the mag chlor most likely.

I was very acidic last evening, but for a very short time. It was followed by hypertension - I could hear the blood whooshing in my ears. Slept well though. In the morning I felt 20 years younger!

So it takes 6 days.

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