Monday, January 5, 2015

Maggots in the Navel (Belly button): Full Moon

Ancient has been going down for a while now, ever since the Psorinum, eating less and only drinking water. Sitting folded up and in a stupor. I've continued to treat him, but I thought he was close to the end. I didn't want to force him to live on, so gave him space - just changing his sheet a few times a day. Also, the blue flies (maggot/necrosis) flies were around, and they usually come by a few days before something dies.

The main remedies he's been drawing are Cuprum met 200, Plumb met cm (one dose and a constipation of 14 days ended!), Lathyrus 1m and Ledum pal 3-1m. But it looked hopeless.

This morning he started eating well - 4 biscuits and milk and a few gulps of water - and I was surprised. Today is full moon day - the worst day of his month usually. So I decided to clean him up. The minute I reached for his stomach I knew something was wrong. There were dead maggots in his damp belly region.

I took out 5 dead maggots and 5 live ones. The necrosed tissue was in his belly button! I've never seen this before. Anyway, I checked the net and the only helpful site was one that was selling those 'secret' homeopathic formula meds for pets at $14.95 (lol! they always crack me up ... what would it hurt to put an ingredient set out there? At the most people would agree or disagree with the combo.:) But fortunately it had a telling name - Staphyal or some such. I immediately checked him for Staphyloccocin which he drew at 10m and gave him a sniff. He's sleeping now. Fingers crossed that it works!

I know that the dogs that need Bacillinum or Psorinum often need Staphylococcin or Streptococcin after - I just don't know when. I hope this is a good time to give it. Praying he finds the strength to live! The pus in the joints of his ankle is still there though, so not much hope.

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