Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mag mur Q, Mitochondria and Weather Displacement

All the dogs and cats are underweather, literally, since the cyclone began in the Indian Ocean (part of the retreating monsoon in SE Asia). It has moved another 500 km away since early morning, so thank heavens for that. They're sleeping peacefully.

I'd like to think that they're basically better than before, but then all the sickest animals are dead, so the extreme criteria of suffering doesn't apply anymore.

Though their eating habits have stayed steady, Gunda has vomited bile once and some other as well on the bed. Icy vomited some undigested meat in greenish bile around 3:30 pm just after eating, but I don't see any of the nerve and muscle pains that sicker dogs have.

On the street, the black limpy CM girl didn't come to eat and one new white Palace Ochards dog was shivering in the bus stand and limping (both symptoms of mitochondrial damage). So there are worse cases that are feeling the cyclone's effect even from over 1500 kms away in the Indian Ocean.

The animals all drew the lymphatic mix of Agar 3, China 6, Phytolacca cm, Lathyrus 200 and the Necrosis mix (Vervain, Vine, Clem, Crab Apple) and Chestnut Bud - the set I'd made for Ancient.to survive the storms. Icy and Kenchu even voluntarily allowed me to apply Mag chlor down their spine ... which really surprised me.

I've done up a rough drawing in Paint to describe the disruption I've felt in terms of acidity. It could be the cyclone or the magnesium chloride, but this displacement is what I think happens to mitochondrian cycles during storms as well:

Assuming our chakras corrospond correctly to the moon cycle if we are at peak health (with nutrients balanced perfectly, organs functioning perfectly, chi or ki flowing perfectly, etc.), we wouldn't feel a thing with electrical changes. Or we'd feel invigorated or something positive instead.

This extra hypersensitivity of our nerves, especially of the brain (you should have seen the road rage around!) and spine, skews everything from our moods to digestion (acid peaks above). Lacking Magnesium chloride at these times exaggerates the suffering to screaming point in the nerve-affected like Ancient was, and dulls the physically weaker ones to torpidity (like in the poor, tortured neighbour's dog, Poopie, who gets ill-treated badly for not eating, obeying, etc during this time).

This is mostly why I ran around to find Magnesium chloride crystals. I knew that if all the dogs needed it so desperately during weather changes, it is worth the effort to get the material doses. (At some point I'll switch to the homeopathic - probably after 6-10 weeks.)

It seems to have worked on them - in only 5 days too - Gunda isn't barking madly and fighting with anyone, Kenchu isn't fussing or itching madly, Icy has only asked to pee one extra time today, the cats aren't fighting or jumpy. Only the kites were a little aggressive in the morning - but then I don't get to give them all the Mag chlor in food in the evening - I feed only about 12-15 of the 50-60 that come in the evening.

(My problem is that I don't have enough food for all - feeding 20 cats and 15-30 kites morning and evening means I had to reduce the number of street dogs I feed to about 40-50. If I try to do more, I'm exhausted, so I have to just hope the few I help in each species are the few that need it the most.:/)

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