Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Iodium 3 for Ancient

The great pity is that even when we have all this material available so easily these days, we spend so little time reading it. Guollon's book has been bookmarked by me a few days now, but I'm only reading it more thoroughly now that Ancient is desperately drawing Iod 3, it's full moon and the weather change that might kill him is imminent.I guess information overload can be an excuse ...but, really, shame on me.

 How to tell Scrofula, Syphilis, Psora and Gonorrhoea apart:  
The fact that Acid. nitr. cured one case, Iodium another, Sulphur a third, the nature of the disease manifests itself.  Thus we should at once have proven the existence of a scrofulous diathesis where Iodium has effected the cure of any morbid process whatsoever. For, among other affections, lodium cures the indolent infiltrations of the lymphatic glands pathognomonic of scrofula (v. Grauvogl, ii, 210). In this way the riddle is solved, why an obstinate gonorrhcea is suddenly cured by the aid of antipsoric remedies; why, vice versa, Iodium and Fer. jodat. are frequently given in vain [for the diagnosis of scrofulosis was a wrong one); Then it requires no heroic treatment ... the evil combated so long in vain takes a turn under the influence of the specific remedy. Scrofulosis is less fixed than in syphilis, the stability and successive outbreaks of which can be stated more easily and almost predicted.

This return of maggots has me looking through Guollon again, desperately. In the early morning hours after the Full moon, at low tide, Ancient drew Iod 3 like he's never drawn anything before - on his forehead.

I've always struggled to identify the disease because the dogs will draw remedies of syphilis, sycosis and psora on and off throughout the year. They draw Tubercular remedies but not often and don't react to them as well as I would like. I didn't know what to look for.

To my relief, calling it 'Scrofula' has limited it to a particular tubercular variation and this text is exhaustive, so that gives me hope. I really need to understand scrofula to hope to cure this poor Ancient, even if I'm starting too late.

The maggot-hole or caries:
The scrofulous caries exhibits a combination of ulceration and suppuration, which appears in a threefold form: 1. Simple caries. The bony tissue is infiltrated with blood and atrophies, but the membrana medullaris hypertrophies. The purulent infiltration immediately follows the bloody. From this results a spongious condition of the bone, which softens, ulcerates, and discharges a sanious blackish pus with fragments of bone. 2. Caries with sequestrum, s. pseudo-necrosis, is distinguished from the former by the dying off of a considerable piece of bone, and thus exhibits a transition-form between caries and necrosis. 3. If we find well-marked deposits of tubercle in the bony tissue, we have a third form before us, tuberculous caries. 

Pus, blood and indurated gland constituents:
the pus of scrofulous individuals, is different from the non-scrofulous by a larger percentage of soda, and chloride of sodium. Preuss ascribes to it caseine such as belongs to the tubercle. Finally it is asserted, that the urine shows oxalic and uro-benzoic acids in considerable quantities. In persons who have died of scrofulosis, we find the indurated glands changed into a whitish-gray, more or less fatty, and often almost cartilaginous mass; in some cases they have changed into the caseous mass which also appears in the pulmonary tubercle, the caseous substance being frequently softened in the centre and transformed into pus. 

Phew! How do I heal this kind of bone decay and this degree of tissue degeneration? I'm really daunted! And to boot, we have a severe anaemia to deal with as well. More from his text next to try to figure out how to heal this baby.

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