Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Homeoopathy is as slow as the mitochondria!

Lol! I finally understand why homeopathy is slow in healing no matter what the potency! It's because the mitochondria are so slow to make changes and throw off so much aggravation.

The magnesium I injested and applied on the skin took 6 days to begin to show positive effects, and that's a direct chemical, material dose. Homeopathy works usually in 3 days for dogs probably because it cuts down on the aggravation and reactions being in minute doses and energized.
There are 4 sick dogs I've seen on the street today - an old white male on the move who didn't eat the magnesium-enriched food I gave him (which might have helped him); the black girl in the petrol bunk who didn't eat either (shivering), the handicapped guy's white dog on miller's road who hasn't eaten my food in 3 days, the black CM's dog who didn't come out to eat at all. Kenchu isn't coming out for walks since the cyclone started.

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