Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I fell sick promptly after Ancient died. Still suffering from a cold, cough, fever, exhaustion and some severe neuralgic headaches. I usually feel a major energy dump when an animal is dying or dies around me - fortunately not as bad as I used to.

5 years ago an animal dying in my arms would set off a severe dysentery and an epic depression that would take a few weeks to overcome. This time it is just a cold and a mild lethargy keeping me from undertaking anything new.

I haven't processed all that I've learnt. I haven't really gotten over his death - he hung in there the longest, brave dog. Or I might have got more remedies right this time than at any other time in the past, which is more likely. But not enough to save a life.:(

Just to depress me a little, I checked how long after Psorinum Ancient began to decline, and it was the usual 21-28 days, which is usual for necrosis (after trauma, etc). He lived over 38 days after, but the decline began in the necrotic pocket. That makes me very wary of using Psorinum again where Burnett recommends it as the chronic of Bacillinum. Obviously these dogs are Scrofulous and not Tubercular, which is why Psorinum drains them so badly.

Phew! Enough of all this. More later.

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