Monday, January 19, 2015

Dietary changes, my bruised ego, the secret universe

I've made a few changes and already I can see a vast improvement in my mitochondria and those of my dogs. These are the things I've done:
1. I've added coconut oil to increase the amount of saturated fat in their diet - just 1:10 coconut oil to rice bran oil onto the cooking rice. (NM)
2. A long time ago, I poured off my flaxseed oil into their food, because I consider it disgusting however healthy, and I remember how much Gunda loved it. So I bought flaxseed powder and am adding it to the food everyday while it's cooking. (NM)
3. I'm adding a bit of greens - sometimes edible weeds from the garden, cheap brocolli, leftover cabbage, etc. If nothing else, there's some outdated wheat grass powder from my mom's cupboard that I put a spoonful of and some spirulina. (NM but probably better in the FM cycle)
4. My best change though came from adding Iodine tincture during the latter half of the Full Moon cycle. I could instantly feel them improving. Nash says he's cured tumours with Iod cm in the waning moon.
5. They didn't seem to like the Himalayan Pink Salt as much though. (FM)
6. Sulphur, Mag sulph (epsom salts), Pottasium chloride all don't seem to make that much of a difference.

And the homeopathy is really kicking in as well. I have to change to the scrofulous cycle soon, but the NM cycle went off pretty well. Lathyrus, Podophyllum, Sabadilla Q were king, I think.
I've been so excited about the mitochondria thing, I want to shout it from the rooftops, change the blog entirely, etc. but again my guides are against it.:) The universe still wants this mitochondria thing to be a secret - just like homeopathy, reiki and other super methods of healing. I know this from the 'hiding in plain sight' effect that's constant - two examples:

There's the old female, Black Beauty, in Sadashivnagar that Rita is healing with the homeopathy I've given her. For years that dog's been declining in health. She even had an accident a month ago and someone took her to a vet hospital. She's recovered and back, but the amazing thing is that she looks years younger. Rita and I both think this is the slow but steady work of homeopathy, but everyone else have been praising another girl who dumps a lot of pharmaceuticals into that dog for the positive change. Somehow, allopathy seems to compound the cure of homeopathy and mask the latter. I certainly feel allopathy helped, but it was the underlying groundwork of homeopathy that made it happen so pervasively.

Maya's brown friend, Brownie, was severely constipated until 2 weeks ago she came running to eat meat after a gap of several months. I had given the temple watchman Ant Crud 6 to give both Maya and Brownie. When I spoke to Christina about it, she said,"Oh, she's improved because I gave her an enema a week ago!" ... Ok, maybe. But the change I saw was two weeks ago. But she said that two weeks ago, Brownie was worse. (This is perhaps the aggravation period of using the elements - so severe and prolonged that people resort to drastic measures to help the sufferer.:) She's still staying better, which is surely a sign of homeopathy's long lasting effect.

But I've been effectively silenced in both cases! This is how it was at home for years, and how it is today. Unacknowledged, unappreciated and definitely ignored - that's what a Reiki-homeopathy healer's ego will have to learn to live with!:D

I'd like to point out to them all how it's impossible for them to have wrested long-term healing with short term measures like antibiotics, bandages (Black Beauty) and an enema (Brownie). How they're doomed to do the wrong thing again, next time, and get no results as the mitochondria continue to damage the body.

But my sense of humour kicks in and I'm like, "what the hell, let them do what they will, I'll just do my bit" and it keeps me quiet. The other thing that prevents me from yelling in outrage is that the universe probably wants it this way - to preserve the illusions - so that only the dogs and I know what is really working to extend life. Though I hate keeping secrets, I think this is the secret of life that doesn't want itself shared - it wants to be found. Found through sensitivity, empathy, sympathy, the heart silences, through honest-to-life-through-living-beings experience.

These dominating, forcing methods of allopathy are used mindlessly by these animal lovers who really don't deserve to learn something so precious. Like so many vets, they only want to repeat the wrong thing, justify the violence, repeatedly - the universe closes itself, the healing, off from them.

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