Monday, January 26, 2015

Magnesium for electric changes

I love the paragraph in The Magnesium Miracle where she says, "The body is electric". Paraphrasing freely, the impulses for all electrical transmissions are in the calcium in the blood which is regulated by the magnesium in the mitochondria. The calcium is thrown out as soon as the work is done because if it isn't, the cell calcifies and dies. The highest concentrations of magnesium (and mitochondria) are in the heart, brain and spine, so if there's a lack you get symptoms of disease in all three.

This is why they react to weather changes! Overreact, is what I mean, when I'm pointing to the magnesium deficiencies. To electrical storms, to atmospheric pressure, to seasonal changes, to shock and trauma. This is why they die like flies from most of the injuries, especially spinal. Magnesium+ATP=DNA stability=health+longevity.
Dogs need magnesium when:
When they become sluggish (energy production)
When enzymes aren't functioning (enzyme synthesis)
When they tremble and shiver (temperature regulation)
When their bodies are calcifying (thick body, cellulite, osteoporosis)
Exaggerated reflexes and nerve signals (neural transmission)
Lack of coordination or knots in muscles (lactic acid build-up)
Tics, spasms, epilepsy, yowling, screaming, barking, pain (electrical)
After shocks, trauma (mitochondrial death)

I'm so thrilled to learn how I can save them -- now I just have to know that it will work every time, prevent distemper and cure the accumulated excitability of a lifetime in older animals. Also, of course, if I can do the same more easily with its homeopathy equivalent if I balance with an acidic remedy for the sicker dogs. And generally find out what else I need to give with it homeopathically to make it work better.

Rule: Balance the Magnesium Chloride Q/oil with an acidic remedy - anything from Cuprum Ace to Acid Flor depending on the need of the dog.

Much to learn, but I feel so happy that I'm on the right track - all thanks to the guides and the dogs for showing me so clearly which way lies cure. Now to solve this puzzle before I die would be great! (My guides tell me I don't have very long, so I'm under pressure here!:)

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