Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ancient is sinking

It would be more correct to say he has sunk. The maggots in his abdominal area, the belly button, are still at work. He hasn't eaten all night. I guess he doesn't have the energy to live anymore.

The old problem is back - he's now drawing too many remedies for me to figure out what to give him - esp the elements. I'm just blindly searching among them, reading up for some similarity and giving them.

The necrosis is in an obviously painful area - the region around the navel. Having stuck to a few remedies for a while now (Cupr met 200, Lathyrus 1m, Ledum in many potencies - these three for a couple of days before I discovered the maggots), I know I'm now going beserk with  giving too many. I find it impossible to stop myself and let things work when I'm at this stage of terror for an animal's life. My bad.:(

I'm trying to stick to Iod 3 which he's drawing, but I put some Gunpowder 1m in aloe vera gel and applied it to his wound along with a nasal dose just now. I can't bear his cries. Poor guy he's been fighting so hard to live.

More later when I'm out of this crazy frenzy and resigned to his death.

This setting up of the two monsoons, the advancing and retreating, has killed another dog

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